like nothing..

Hi little person. As you see, we are like nothing and we are not for everyone. You cannot buy our stuff until we allow it. You have to deserve it with quality of your life. Our goal is not to gather money but to make the first person around you a better one. How? Wearing our brand is responsibility. It is made for healthy lifestyle, people who can be role models for others. As I said, you can deserve it. Tag us in moments that enrich you on your way, so this valuable experience will be shared with all of us and help to shape our future.. That's our goal. Be nice. Not by trying to change the world, just by trying to influence the first person you care about. Already done? They can do the same. Let's make some positive waves. Love it? Now you can move right way. Now left, again and with a smile. That's the basic movement. !!!Our brand is not for people who smoke, drink alcohol, are using drugs or hate animals, hate people with different opinions etc. NO. We are the future brand. We love nice lifestyle and we care about each other. This is the new cool. Deal with it! PEACE

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We Are Almost Here

Check our Instagram where we will upload our very first design. All deserved. @likenothing.shop